Bathroom renovations are done for many reasons and often are because of some sort of failure in the original construction. This is not uncommon because the bathroom takes the most wear and tear of all the rooms in a home. We use products that will last longer and that will increase not only efficiency but comfort level as well. Have you ever stayed in a nice hotel room while on vacation and thought how nice the bathroom was? Hotels often update their rooms to entice people to come stay and enjoy the amenities that they don’t have access to in their own homes. The truth is that when renovating your own home sometimes it doesn’t take much more to have a few special features that would really make your bathroom as comfortable as the suite you stayed in on vacation. The following is a list of some upgrades that might make your bathroom special to you in both comfort and durability.

  • Automatic temperature Control Valve- This is one of the most popular upgrades in a bathroom. This allows you to set the temperature you like when you shower so that when you turn on the water all you do is flip the on/off lever. You can easily adjust the temperature if you want during the shower.

  • Warm Tile Floors- This can be set by the thermostat to come on in the morning when you get up and maintain a warm comfortable level through out the bathroom.

  • Epoxy Grout- This has become a standard in all Toupin Construction remodels. Normal grout is porous and like a sponge, absorbs whatever it touches. Epoxy grout is a non-porous resin that is stain resistant. So no need to clean your grout for years to come!

Bathroom Remodel FAQ'S

How long will it take to remodel my bathroom?

That will depend on the extent of your bathroom remodel. Most bathroom remodels include removing the tub and or shower plus replacing the toilet vanity and flooring. If the bathroom remodel is more extensive the entire room may be rearranged and or enlarged involving concrete floor cutting removing and rearranging walls and the ceiling.

Is it necessary to have a bathroom exhaust fan?

The biggest reason is to remove humidity from the bathroom during baths and showers. Humidity that builds up in your bathroom will damage everything it comes into contact with in the bathroom. Many homeowners will notice issues with the walls, ceiling, and fixtures only after it has reached the point of needing repair.

By running the fan while you shower or bathe the humidity will be removed. You will notice the mirror will not fog over, nor will anythingelse in the bathroom suffer from the moisture.

What is frameless glass?

This thicker glass is tempered and safe for bathroom use. It is strong enough to be used to make dividing walls and doors.

The glass comes in many variations to satisfy different design options. Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures are totally custom enabling you total freedom in your bathroom shower designs.

What type of tile can I use on my bathroom floor and shower?

Traditionally showers were built with ceramic tile made specifically for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. Today the choices are limitless. Bathrooms are being remodeled using numerous types of stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal and glass tile depending on the design’s style.

What does it take to rearrange my bathroom floor plan?

The original layout in some bathrooms is so bad that the only logical option is to start over with a new floor plan.

A bathroom layout needs to be a balanced mix of practicality and style. Arranging the features so that you are showing off a beautiful shower or a vanity with it's unique faucets, counter tops and mirror will create both style and function.
If you are concerned about minimizing the budget, be sure to consider plumbing accessibility. Arranging your new bathroom floor plan to require minimum plumbing changes will have a positive effect on the cost of your bathroom remodel.


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