The kitchen is the heart of your home. Toupin Construction understands this, and with more than four decades of providing exceptional kitchen remodeling projects we are fully prepared to take your kitchen to the next level.

Most kitchen remodeling projects require multiple trades such as framing, electrical, plumbing, masonry and drywall. As a licensed General Contractor, we have the craftsmen to handle all aspects of home remodeling under the same roof. What does this mean for you? Well its simple, instead of having multiple companies and having to deal with the miscommunications that come when too many cooks are in the kitchen, you will only have to interact with us- we do it all so you won’t have too!

Our kitchen remodeling service starts with an in-home consultation. There is no guess work. We discuss your needs, create a custom plan down to every detail. Our in house designer will assist you in choosing from the latest custom cabinet styles, granite or natural stone materials, appliances, as well as plumbing fixtures and finishes at our showroom. We try to make everything easier on you. We will bring what samples we can to you so you can review and choose what you like without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Here are some popular upgrades.

  • Cabinets and Countertops

  • Hardwood or Tile Flooring

  • Wall Removal to Open up the Space

  • Recessed and Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Creative Storage Space

  • Modern Appliances

There are obviously more things that you can do with a kitchen, but these items always seem to show up on almost everyone's list.

Toupin Construction design experts can help and they’re close by, so call us now.

Kitchen Remodel FAQ'S

Can I reuse my kitchen cabinets?

Many times kitchen cabinets can be reused during a kitchen remodel. Your cabinets may be in great shape and we can bring quality cabinets back to life. Drawer guides and hinges are replaceable and the cabinets themselves can be refinished in a variety of colors and stains. Installing new doors, drawer fronts and new counter tops on them will bring new life to your kitchen remodel without breaking your budget.

What types of kitchen counter tops are best?

This may depend on your remodeling budget and your own personal style and taste. Replacing counter tops is a great way to improve any kitchen. Hard surface counters such as granite and quartz are the most widely used surface at this time. Their price varies depending on various choices. Laminate counters can also be a good choice if your budget requires you to be more price conscious. They come in many looks and hold up well.

Do refrigerators come in various depths?

You have three options with refrigerator depth. You can go with the standard depth refrigerator as seen in most kitchens. Your second option is a kitchen cabinet depth refrigerator. They are designed so that only the refrigerator doors protrude past the countertops. This is a popular alternative for many kitchen remodels. These refrigerators have less cubic footage of storage so consider your needs prior to purchase. The third option is a built in refrigerator. These are big ticket items that don't stick out beyond the counters and come in wider sizes to offer ample storage space.

Should I put dimmers on my kitchen lights?

I like dimmers in almost all rooms of the home. In the kitchen it allows you to adjust the lighting brighter for when you are working and softer for other times to accent the beauty of your kitchen without the hard look of bright lights. You can create numerous great looks by installing dimmers on pendant lights and your under cabinet lighting as well. Sometimes just a soft glow of light on your kitchen counter tops is all you need for looks and function.

Do all my new kitchen cabinets need to be the same style and color?

The short answer is no. Depending on your taste, your new kitchen can be designed with contrasting cabinets. Unique looks can be achieved by contrasting the kitchen island cabinets from the wall mounted upper and lower cabinets. On occasion contrasting upper cabinets from the lower cabinets will create a custom look.

Contrasting counter tops is another design tool used to customize kitchens and create unique looks.

Should I open the wall between my kitchen and the adjoining room?

Opening up your kitchen is one of the most popular remodeling projects with today's homeowner. The older your home is the more likely that your kitchen is cut off from the living and entertaining areas of your home. By removing all or part of the wall separating your kitchen from the living areas, you can totally transform both areas.

Today's lifestyle is less formal than in years past. Formal dining rooms and isolated kitchens do not fit with how family and friends want to intermingle and socialize. Many families spend most of their time at home in their kitchens, and kitchens have become a social hub in todays society. Opening up your kitchen will totally transform your family and friends get-togethers.

What do we do with the old kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and appliances?

Kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances can be sold, given away, donated or hauled away to the local recycling facility. We have a program set up where we sell these items and use the profits in an education fund for our employees and their children. You can also coordinate to donate these items to habitat for humanity.

What is the kitchen work triangle?

When considering a new layout for your kitchen one of the first things to look at will be the kitchen work triangle. This area is formed by the space between the kitchen sink, the refrigerator and the stove. The idea is that these kitchen items need to be convenient to each other and have counter space next to them for necessary food preparation. When they are placed separately forming a triangle it allows for a good traffic pattern and adequate work areas around each of these vital kitchen components.


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