1. Complimentary Consultation

Our in house designer will visit you at home, consult with you concerning your remodeling project, take measurements and photographs, He will ask you about your ideas, challenges, needs and wants, as well as the reasons behind your desire to remodel. To ensure that we can make the best project development recommendations, we seek to understand the entire scope of your project, including those reasons you established for the remodel. At the conclusion of this meeting, we will schedule your next one.


2. Complimentary Design Development

Our designer will take the information gathered at your first meeting and develop a preliminary project design. He will generate visual renderings, floor plans and elevations which he will then present for you’re for review. He will gather additional feedback from you to use in making any revisions to the design to ensure it matches your vision. We will:

  • • Develop a project scope based on your needs and preferences.

  • • Factor in your budget requirements.

  • • Custom design a solution just for you.

3. Preliminary Design Presentation/Proposal

Design presentations usually take places at our showroom/design center, but we can also make presentations in your home. When you meet with your designer, your custom design comes to life. Design plans are then refined and revised to meet more closely your needs, tastes and budget. The design presentation and refinement process generally requires one to two meetings.

  • • Review your computer generated, 3-D drawings (preliminary floor plans & design perspectives)

  • • Evaluate design options and benefits

  • • Identify major product options and benefits (cabinetry & counters, appliances, windows & doors, flooring)

  • • Discuss minor design alterations and revise

  • • Review the project scope and budget

  • • Present a completely customized 24" by 36" blue print drawing of your project

  • • Approve the preliminary design

  • • The next step is to review the proposal with you and clarify any changes you want made.


4. The Contract

Once you reach a decision to entrust us with your remodeling needs, your designer will schedule a time to meet with you again, for the purpose of signing a formal contract and collecting a deposit. The contract and supporting paperwork will set out specific details concerning your home, the products you've selected to improve it, and a tentative schedule of events. Our designer will explain the contract point by point to ensure that you fully understand how we intend to proceed and to ensure all details are thoroughly understood. Our goal is to make your home remodeling experience as satisfying and enjoyable as possible.


5. Final Design Development

At this stage, we shift our focus to details such as materials, finishes and appliances. You and your designer will work one-on-one to review and select the products to be incorporated into your project. From tile patterns and cabinetry to countertops and hardware, every selection is made with careful attention to your unique needs and style. This process often includes having our designer meet with you at different vendor showrooms to evaluate and select products. Once your materials are selected, you are given a fixed price.

During Final Design Development, we:

  • • Evaluate product options and benefits

Finalize your product selections for:

  • • Cabinets, Countertops & Appliances
  • • Windows & Doors (including hardware)
  • • Roofing, Siding & Exterior Trim
  • • Plumbing Fixtures, Faucets & Accessories
  • • Electrical and Lighting
  • • Interior Doors & trim
  • • Wall & Ceiling Finishes
  • • Flooring (tile, wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, other)
  • • Review any changes to your final design plans (e.g. floor plans, perspectives, cabinets plans, electrical plans) arising from your product selections

  • • Review your detailed preliminary project specifications

  • • Review your budget based on final design and selections

  • • Make minor refinements to your design

  • • Set start and completion dates

** Frequently, our designer will pick you up and drop you off when you have a meeting schedule to look at products. Since we are a full service remodeler we love taking that extra step to make your life easier.


6. Planning Process

This is the stage where all the behind-the-scenes preparation takes place. Our Production Department reviews the project then enters all the information in our system, orders the materials, outline the project, identifying everything that can be done before the job actually starts. While the permits are being processed, we begin to prepare your project for construction.

Part of our pre-construction process:

  • • Materials ordered

  • • Labor coordinated

  • • Building permits obtained

  • • Key client dates (vacations, etc.) gathered

  • • Lock box arrangements

  • • Create production folder containing all pertinent project information

  • • Produce construction build plans

  • • Develop the project schedule


7. Construction Stage


The demolition is always the hardest part of the remodel. It only last a few days but the noise level and the mess can be very disruptive for homeowners. Rest assured that we are just as concerned about the well being of your home as you are and we will do our best to make sure that the dust and debris stays where it belongs.

Quality Control:

Throughout the project, our production department performs a series of quality control inspections to ensure that every phase of construction meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Once your project is almost complete, you and your Project Manager will conduct a final inspection/walk-through to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Clean Up:

Because we work at your home, we clean up every day. We don't put off cleaning until the end of the project because most of our clients live in their homes while the project is underway. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible- all we ask is that you do not let our crew members' spouses know how well they clean up!


8. Project Completion

Welcome Home! Now that your project is complete we conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure that all work has been completed to your satisfaction. Our continuing goal is to provide you with:

  • • an exceptional remodeling experience;

  • • the highest level of quality and craftsmanship;

  • • Integrity, honesty and open communication.

  • • This is our promise to you, our valued client.

Upon the final payment, Toupin Construction will send out a notice of completion with a survey asking you to review our performance.

Continued Relationship
That's not the end of the story.

Once you have contracted us to assist you in realizing your remodeling dreams, we hope that you'll want us to do more someday. Whether you need a new door or windows, don't care for the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen, or can envision yourself enjoying a new laundry room, feel free to contact us again.

If you have any questions about the process please call or email us and talk with one of our team members.