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The kitchen has been known as the heart of the home for generations now. It’s the place that everyone gathers. So much happens in and around the kitchen that if your kitchen is outdated or falling apart it might be the right time to remodel your kitchen to fit your specific needs. Let us help you in creating a one of a kind space that is tailored to your needs.

At Toupin Construction we pride ourselves on experience, professionalism and creativity. We feel honored to be a part of each job because we know just what it means to be welcomed into someone home and trusted to take their project to the next level. This is your home and we want to make it just what you want it to be.

There are many factors to consider when you decide to remodel. What is your budget, your timeframe, and your specific needs and wants?

There are three basic kitchen remodeling options available to you:

Cosmetic Kitchen Update

In this scenario your cabinets are in pretty good shape, they do not need to be replaced or maybe they just need to be refaced, either way you don’t need to order new custom cabinets. By simply replacing the countertop and adding some new hardware to your cabinets you can significantly change the overall feel of your kitchen.

Pull and Replace

Your floorplan is working great for you, its efficient and has enough storage for your basic needs, it is just a little outdated, in this case we suggest you pull out the old dated material and replace it with new hand selected materials that reflect you and your personality.

Custom Kitchen Remodel

Is your kitchen too small, inefficient, not enough storage? In this case a custom kitchen is the perfect solution for you. Customized to fit your lifestyle and your needs to a tee. Whether this means opening up a wall and expanding your kitchen into the dining room or living room or readjusting your plumbing so that your kitchen window is placed perfectly over your sink. A custom kitchen is tailored just to you.