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Mark is such a gentleman; I really loved how he puts together his presentations. They are above and beyond what I had expected and I loved the color combinations.

The crew was so considerate of my animals. I had fun during the remodel. The people were so nice and it was a positive experience.

The whole project was a pleasure from start to finish. All workers were professional and courteous. Lupe and Adan- the tile person- were both exceptional workers. Your entire staff was truly great."

The quality of Toupin is what really impresses me. I would give them 5 stars! Their experience really makes a difference.” & “Everyone was on time and at the job site when they were supposed to be.

We are very happy with our new kitchen, it has made me enjoy the time I spend there, preparing the meals. I am also able to use it as my office work place, when it is not mealtime. Thank you for help with the design and getting all the work done in time. Mark, Rob, Brad and the whole team of workers were very professional and good. 

You get a lot when you work with Toupin. You get honesty, timely fashion, good price and above all else they are first class with everything. Toupin has continued to remodel our entire house over the last 30 years!

This was one of the best experiences I have ever had when it comes to my home. Toupin is clever and takes my input and really tries to make the process about me and what I want. They make their clients feel special and important.

We have had Toupin consistently work on our home over the last 5 or 6 years; whenever we need work done we go to them.

Nobody does work like Toupin Construction. The whole crew is so wonderful; I can’t say enough good things. When we need a repair we know to call Toupin because we are confident they will do it right.

The Toupin organization was wonderful to work with. They were completely professional. Their workman were wonderful to have in the house. They were efficient, clean, friendly and highly competent