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The Boss’s Daughter

How A Remodel Can Feel Like A Pregnancy

Published March 8th, 2019 by Candi

One of the biggest complaints we hear about living through a remodel is how inconvenient every thing is. You have to deal with people coming and going throughout your home, dealing with ETAs and unexpected delays due to weather or permits (to name a few) and it can be very stressful because it is an environment that you are not use to and have little control over. 

The way that I am able to rationalize and deal with the experience is similar to how I handled being pregnant. There are those few hard months where I am at the mercy of this life changing event taking place- months where I am not able to do what I want when I want too... of course the due date and the closer you get the further away it feels and then there is the moment where everything you went through fades away, because you look at your end result and it was all worth it. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and your remodel will come to an end and the result will be worth it. When you start to feel overwhelmed with what is going on around you- remember that. Hopefully the company you hired can help relieve some of the stress. After forty years of rebuilding Bay Area homes we have our process down to a science which we believe helps homeowners relax more during the actual process of remodeling. 

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