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Aging in Place in Your 30s

Published January 4th, 2019 by Candi

Aging In Place .... In Your 30s!

Aging in place is big when remodeling your home. You hear people talk about making your home accessible when you enter your "Golden Years" and how if you plan on living in your home for many, many years, then consider "aging in place" suggestions like ramps and lever door handles. 

Grabs bars, a bench and a niche... oh my!

My view on the issue is different than other contractors in that I am thirty-four years old, and I would never want to live in a house that didn't have these fabulous upgrades! It has nothing to do with age because I have seen first-hand how beneficial a home that is accessible is to anyone who lives there. Also, there is no reason to sacrifice style for accessibility. 

My dad was in his forties when he had to make major changes to his two-story home due to an unexpected illness. He went from taking two steps at a time to installing a ramp from the driveway to the back door. However, that wasn't used right away because he converted the downstairs bedroom into a master suite with an extended countertop to make it so he wouldn't have to bend over as much since he had a lot of back pain, a huge shower, and comfort height toilet. He also designed a kitchen to limit my mom from having to go upstairs to cook. This worked well for him in his situation, but it wouldn't be as easy for others to do on such little notice- so planning is a much better way to go. 

Love, love, love this pull out drawer microwave... no more bending over and it doesn't clutter the countertop!

Ok-- so that was an example of needing an accessible home. In the span of just a few months, my dad went from super healthy and hammering nails in the field to a stem cell transplant and almost complete isolation from everyone due to his poor immune system. The upgrades for his home were very much needed, not just for comfort but to actually get around. My experience is different. It is more comfort related. 

I am fairly spoiled when it comes to my living situations throughout my life. Being the boss's daughter means I have got to experience:

  • Comfort height toilets.
  • Grab bars by the toilet and shower
  • Shower benches
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Dishwasher drawer to eliminate bending over
  • Microwave drawer
  • Motion sensor lighting

All of these amazing upgrades I have come accustomed to and am not willing to live my life without, I mean, push come to shove, I guess I can bend over for the dishwasher or at least assign that as a chore for one of my kids.... 

Foldable shower seat, grab bars, and my favorite barrier-free shower!!

Even my five-year-old had come to expect these features in her daily life, so much so that when she went to the bathroom this last month, she was so used to a grab bar right by the toilet that she broke the toilet paper holder (assumed it was a grab bar) and complained that grab bar was not installed properly.

We believe that you can make your home accessible and BEAUTIFUL! There is no reason it can't be both. 

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