Room Reconfiguration

When it’s time to remodel, there are many options available to you. You can keep the original layout of the home or specific rooms, or change the layout to better suit your needs. Often, part of the reason you are remodeling is because the existing layout does not work for you. Priorities and styles were different when your home was first built, and now it’s time to build your dream home and put things where you want them. Making the changes needed to create these life-spaces may mean moving key plumbing and cooking fixtures, opening up or removing walls, raising ceilings or even moving the location of the rooms within the home itself. You need a contractor and designer with the vision to see the hidden beauty in your home, and the knowledge and skills needed to bring that beauty to life.


We used to hide in our kitchens when preparing a meal while the party went on without us. Now, we want open concept kitchens combined with living space to bring the family together, or bring the party to us! These beautiful kitchens are no longer just work stations, they are where we live and thrive.


Cast iron tub/shower combos with a shower curtain and toilets in the middle of the room may have been acceptable years ago, but today's home has to be a lot more user-friendly than that. With the right configuration and Toupin’s professional design team, privacy, safety, convenience, comfort and beauty can all come together in your new bathroom.


Years ago, homeowners were lucky if they had a "master bathroom" at all, as many homes only had the barest of utilitarian half-baths in the master, or just hall bathrooms available for all. Today, the en-suite is a part of the master bedroom living experience, combining the finest fixtures and comfort with beautiful craftsmanship. Comfortable seating areas, plenty of room for your bedroom furniture and an inviting master bath are all part of the perfect home. Making these spaces flow together while still providing all the privacy you need is something that we excel in, and our designers and craftsmen are eager put their skills to work for you.