Universal Design

For many of us, our first real experience with aging issues is with our own parents. Our parents did their best to keep us safe, and it is our natural desire to do the same for them. They deserve to be safe in their homes, and to be able to stay there as long as they choose to. Often, they may need the help of a family member or professional care worker living with them, and this person needs access to the same areas in the home. Years ago, modifications designed to allow safe access for seniors or those with special needs were often crude and mechanical. But today, top family contractors like Toupin Construction specialize in high tech and yet often virtually invisible solutions to a person's specific needs. We prefer to use a Universal Design approach whenever possible, to ensure that all members of the household can safely use all areas and features of the home. These special needs can and often do change, and to keep our loved ones safe we must be ready to adapt with those changes.

Toupin Construction has had 40 years of experience making people’s lives easier and safer, in every stage of their lives. Our homes may seem like fixed objects, but they really can be modified and customized to fit your needs as those needs evolve, without losing that special look and feel that makes them "home".