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The Boss’s Daughter

Suburban Farm Life

Published January 8th, 2019 by Candi

My dad grew up on what he claims was a Martinez farm. I say claims because in my mind to grow up on a farm you must wear overalls daily and wake up and feed the chickens. Obviously that isn't a realistic farm life but it is what I learned from watching Looney Tunes. 

Anyways, my dad raised bunnies and help herd cattle and even had a horse which makes me completely and totally jealous to my very core because I can not tell you how many times I asked for a pony only to wake up and be disappointed EVERY CHRISTMAS MORNING! But whatever... I am in my thirties now and have let go of the resentment. 

Marley, my ten year old son loves to be in nature. He loves animals and plants and is constantly reading about technology and gardening... really everything. He has such a wide range of interests. For Christmas Marley got my dad a book on compost and how to live off of an acre of land. These two guys are extremely close and spend a lot of time together so when it came time to figure out what to give his grandpa for Christmas he knew he wanted it to be something they can do together. 

Stay tuned for their first backyard project. #Marleysmission

Marley (age 2) and Grandpa at Disneyland

Marley, Brooke and his grandparents at the Walnut Creek - End Gun Violence Walk 2017

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