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Should I Add a Peninsula to My Kitchen?

Published December 21st, 2018 by Candi


 Should I Add a Peninsula to My Kitchen?

When remodeling your kitchen, it is very easy to get overly excited about all the possibilities. It’s important to remember the limitations you will face when planning, not just the financial aspect of what a remodel entails but also what does your kitchen space allow you to have? We deal with a lot of small, closed-off kitchens and many times our customers complain that there just isn’t enough space. They feel cramped and hate the clutter on their counters. One of our more popular solutions is to add a peninsula to the kitchen.

Benefits of a Peninsula:

Open Floor Plan: By including a peninsula in your kitchen layout, you are opening up your kitchen, allowing the illusion of more space while having a natural divider that visually separates the two spaces. By adding in some decorative pendant lights, you can further beautifully enhance that divider.

Additional Space: Not only are you getting more counter space- which honestly can you ever get enough of? You are also getting more storage space! You can opt to have glass doors and display lighting if you want to showcase your antique dishes or special items.

Seating: A peninsula has a bonus of a convenient spot where you can eat a quick meal. Dinners are great at the main table, but most mornings, my two kids pull up their stools and eat cereal at our peninsula. 

Don’t get swept away with the kitchens you see in the movies. A peninsula is a great solution to everyday living and making the most of your kitchen.  Look at some of our peninsulas in our portfolio album at Toupin Construction or visit our services page to learn more about the kitchen remodeling process. 


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