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Should You DIY Your Bathroom?

Published December 21st, 2018 by Candi

You are interested in investing in a new bathroom, but where do you start? Remodeling, even small spaces is a big job and it requires skill and knowledge. In today's age, everyone wants to DIY it, but honestly there are some projects where it just isn't realistic. DIY is great for small projects, but if you are dealing with electrical or plumbing... really anything that requires a permit- leave it to the professionals. 

Here are three things you should do before you commit to a bathroom remodel:

  1. Find Your Inspiration: What do you love, a sleek modern feel, country cozy or spa-mazing and luxurious? Whatever your style may be, look around and gather photos and products that you might want in your bathroom. Not every contractor will be able to pull off the style you want so you need to have some visual aides of what you are wanting in your project.
  2. Consultation: Most consultations are free of charge. Keep in mind though it can take a few weeks to get drawings together, pricing and all of this is done with no charge to you. Be upfront and honest with your designer/builder and let them know how serious you are. After an initial meeting you might not like the company or how they operate, don't waste your time or theirs on needless drawings if they are not a good fit for you. You need to find a contractor with the skills, communication and respect that you deserve during this new project. 
  3. Research: This is the time to research the companies that you have met with. Run their license through the California Licences Board cslb.ca.gov. Make sure they have a valid license, insurance and do not have any current (or past) complaints against their company. Other good ideas are to check their references, see what their past clients have to say about them. Check out their portfolio and see how their work looks finished. You want to make sure you choose someone who will deliver on the construction side of things but also someone who does business honestly and treats you and your home with respect. 

Good luck with your hunt! If  you are looking for inspiration check out our Houzz page for our most recent remodels. 

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